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Miss Angel Inez has always been the kind of woman who stood out in a crowd! From her high school days when she rejected the uniform of comfy gym clothes favored by her classmates, she was in favor of dresses and high heels! Today, showcasing her unique blend of pinup style and alternative fashion, Miss Angel Inez is a creative standout!

As a nine-year old girl, Angel fell in love with Elvis Presley, and thus began her love affair with vintage fashion. Angel quickly became infatuated with 40s, 50s and 60s style, and the glamorous hair, makeup, shoes and lingerie that characterized those bygone decades. She idolized Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page, and modeled her own style after those iconic women.

Although her first love is vintage pinup, Angel prides herself on her versatility, and her ability to model not only classic pinup, but alternative, and tattoo genres as well.  She views her body as a canvas –  her tattoos and clothes are the paint. Every tattoo on her body has a special meaning, and she loves to share their stories.

A passionate and creative artist who views the entire world as inspiration, Angel is also a photographer (Angel Inez Photography) who wants to capture and share her vision of the beauty around her. She sees art everywhere, and her creative vision inspires her multiple times every day. Angel is also a very active woman, and her love of yoga and fitness also help channel her energy.

When she retires from modeling, Angel hopes to build a new career as a photographer, not only capturing the beauty of the natural world, but also helping inspire and empower women to confidence and self-acceptance.

Her love of pinup culture and her 16 year modeling career have helped Angel learn to love herself, and she hopes to share that with others. To Angel, pinup encompasses all that is great about being a woman!

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Model: Miss Angel Inez
Photography: Angel Inez Photography

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Co-Admin Dano Tanaka

Dano Tanaka, Co-Admin @TeamPinupDano Tanaka has worked with The Foxy Shoppe since 2013 as the in-store photographer. Originally from Edmonton, Dano had a variety of professional jobs before taking graphic design in college that lead him back to a lost love of photography.

Specializing in “Photographs for Every Woman” through pinup, boudoir, fashion portraiture, and digital art – ladies of all ages, sizes, and ethnicity are able to freely activate their hidden glamour.

“What I didn’t realize was the effect these photoshoots had on my clients. I’ve received so much feedback on how these photos help remind my female clients that they are beautiful. The photo-sessions and final images were helping them remember that they are strong and confident individuals.” – DT

You can follow Dano’s work through Social Media:
Instagram: DanoTanaka
Facebook: DanoTanaka Illustrator

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