Team Pinup of the Week - Mizz Junebug

“Team Pinup’s Pinup of the Week” the beautiful and amazingly talented @mizz_junebug below is our interview with this beauty. Enjoy Angel and Dano . .

1. Tell us what you love about pinup?

My love of pinup stems from the diversity and uniqueness it allows for each individual. Whether its a creative hairstyle, colorful tattoos, or an awesome pair of pumps…the self expression has endless possibilities. Each and every pinup is beautiful in her own unique way…I love to see women encouraging other women…

2. Is there a best/worst experience you’d like to share?

My best experience was in college speech class. I was selected to compete at state competition with my speech about Bettie Page and how she influenced society’s view on sexuality and how women were perceived. There was a male judge who was quite chauvinistic, and during the Q&A session, he asked me why this is important for anybody to know. I asked him if he ever had to stash Playboy’s under his bed as a teenager, then he should already know the answer.
At which point I stripped off my business suit to reveal the black lingerie underneath LOL. Told him you probably wanted to check out girls that were wearing something like this correct? His jaw hit the floor, and Applause erupted throughout the building

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3. What exciting projects do you have coming up?

It’s hard for me to plan projects in advance. A random idea will pop into my head during the day and I’ll just get right on it immediately, I’m very impatient when it comes to my ideas LOL

4. Do you have a tip that you feel is important for models/photographers?

A tip I have for both models and photographers is to never lose sight of who You are why you got into this field. Luckily in the pinup world there is a lot of encouragement from your peers. We are all talented and beautiful in our own unique ways. It’s perfectly okay to admire someone else’s Beauty, as long as you never question your own.

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