Team Pinup “Pinup of the Week” goes to this lovely lady Missy Rose Lee (@meowlissa___)
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Selected photos by @kwf_photography
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Tell us what you love about pinup?

I have to say, the thing I love most about the pinup/vintage community is how open they are! I have never had a more supportive group of friends than I have now, and the constant love and appreciation I see every single day within my own interactions and the exchanges between others brings me so much joy. The love within the community is my favorite thing ❤

2. Is there a best/worst experience you’d like to share?

I have been fortunate enough in my short journey to have only worked with the kindest people, so other than small wardrobe malfunctions or Mother Nature having a mind of her own while shooting on location, I really don’t have a worst case to share! I will tell you that I’ve battled poison ivy in a gown and came out unscathed and victorious though!

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3. What exciting projects do you have coming up?

Nothing that I can divulge right now, but there are a few ideas I have been working out in my head. Along with some things already in process, I’m working on networking with more artists in my area that are down to get creative and vibe for some interesting concept shoots. I will say that I am currently working on things other than modeling though!

4. Do you have a tip that you feel is important for models/photographers?

The most important tip I have for any photographers/models out there that care for my opinion: DO IT HOWEVER YOUR SOUL DICTATES!! At the end of the day, this is all art and it directly reflects you. Work with people you vibe well with and the results will show your passion and commitment. Don’t be discouraged if someone else doesn’t share your vision. Find your flock and make that vision a reality.

Be true to your self and the right people and opportunities will line up. Most importantly though, don’t do it if it’s not fun for you.

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