Introducing Team Pinup’s “pinup of the week” @missannemary!!! We absolutely adore this beautiful lady. Below is our interview with this cutie.
Angel and Dano .


1. Tell us what you love about pinup?

Becoming pin up girl was a best journey in my life –  I have gained a lot of confidence, learned fashion history, learned how to show everyone who I really am.

Going through all the illustrations of Hilda gave me a lot of confidence that every woman can be sexy and attractive in any size.  A “pinup girl,” after all, isn’t limited to a particular size. If we check out illustrations of pin up girls – you will notice one very important detail –  women always had on a smile instead of a come-hither gaze. Pinup girls were smiling and having fun, in complete control of their sexuality

2. Is there a best/worst experience you’d like to share?

Best experience is to book a shoot with photographer who is also passionate about pinup/rockabilly scene and culture. Then both create magic

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3. What exciting projects do you have coming up?

Working on new IG account created to support Full Figured, Plus Size, Curvy, BBW pinups or Pinups wannabe dolls as I want to boost confidence in as many women as possible. Again, being Pinup at some point is being a girl who is fun, carefree and somewhat clumsy attitude, making us all the more charming.  My pinup Life gave me a lot of confidence that every woman can be sexy and attractive in any size and I want to support my fellow ladies.

4. Do you have a tip that you feel is important for models/photographers?

be whoever you want to be! Feel Sexy, feel badass or cheesecake. You Are beautiful and its time when We have to learn to see our beauty, accept it and start to love ourselves. And remember that your best curve is your smile

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