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1. Tell us what you love about pinup?

I’ve always loved vintage fashion. I bought my first vintage items when I was 11 and I was so taken by how gorgeous clothes were in the early to mid 20th century. When I found out about the pinup scene, I was really excited. I also thought modelling was cool because I could take photos in my pretty vintage clothes! I realized that I really liked it and kept doing it.

2. Is there a best/worst experience you’d like to share?

Most of my experiences have been great! One of my favourite shoots I did was two years ago and the theme was gluttony. The photographer made all sorts of pastries and set them up on this table, the other model and I just ate all these desserts and made a mess of it. A bad experience was I arranged to shoot with a photographer – she made a typo in her phone number so when I got there and called her to buzz me in, I was talking to a lady who told me that she wasn’t home. I freaked out because I thought we were shooting at 11:30am. It turns out that she was expecting someone else and she thought I was that person, we talked for about 5 min before either of us realized what was going on! Luckily that shoot did work out.

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3. What exciting projects do you have coming up?

I actually just started a lingerie/pinup blog two weeks ago and I’d love for that to get some traction. It would be exciting to interact with some likeminded folks. The URL is currently https://hollyharlott.wixsite.com/bustlesandbullets

4. Do you have a tip that you feel is important for models/photographers?

Models should do their research before shooting, especially when it comes to pinup because it’s such a specific style. Look at what popular pinup models are doing, how they’re posing, how 1950s pinup models posed, and practice posing at home before going to a shoot so you know what angles you like and don’t like. For photographers, just don’t be creepy. I’ve heard too many stories about photographers perving on models and it’s gross and terrible and we talk. We know who you are!

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