This week’s Team Pinup of the week goes out to this red headed beauty and one of my personal favorites in the industry @_betty_santiago she is genuine and a multi talented model. Below is our interview with this enchanting lady ❤❤
Admin @miss_angel_inez .

1. Tell us what you love about pinup?

The creativity it allows! I love the endless ideas and looks you can create when putting together concepts for any project. It’s a way for me to show my personality outside of my regular corporate setting. Putting my own spin on things creatively is what I find to be the most fun! ?

2. Is there a best/worst experience you’d like to share?

I’ve had my fair share of good and bad experiences within the pin up world. Like in every scene or environment, pinup is not immune to awful situations nor shady people. Personally, the experiences I’ve had have taught me life lessons that I still continue to grow from. But if you’re asking a particular bad experience, it’d have to be me falling on my knees in front of a huge crowd at a major car show in 7 inch heels! I could feel the fall in slow-mo as it was happening and it sure was painful hitting the asphalt! I scraped my knees so badly they were bloody and then bruised for months after that! Needless to say they will never be the same again! ??? .

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3. What exciting projects do you have coming up?

For now my career & raising my children are really at the top of my list! Those things really take up most of my time nowadays. After a much needed break, I will be coming back with some pretty wicked shoots I have lined up and a few magazine and calendar features. So look out for those! ?

4. Do you have a tip that you feel is important for models/photographers?

I’d say the most important thing for any model or photographer is to just follow your heart -As cheesy as that may seem! Don’t follow the crowd when creating. Don’t be afraid to explore with your creativity and never hold back because of what people may say or think about you! Just do what makes you happy and create, create


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