We wanted to take a moment to share with you the origins of “Team Pinup” and what it means to us.  In 2015, Miss Angel Inez started “Vintage Beauties” on Instagram as a way to network and help others in the industry.  She noticed that the pretty models were getting credit and recognition for their work.  However, there were many people involved in creating amazing art that were going unrecognized. She felt all people involved deserved credit. After all it’s a team effort. The art wouldn’t be… without the hard work of the model, photographers, make up artists, creative directors and designers.

This was the initial thought behind the page, but it ended up being so much more. Angel also noticed many beautiful woman, who didn’t fit into what society considers “model perfect” not growing in their careers. She soon realized what a good feeling it was to post someone’s picture, give them a lovely compliment and make them smile or feel special.  After all everyone deserves to feel beautiful and special, regardless of size, colour or genre you model!

The page grew into something bigger than Angel could handle on her own.  She invited Dano Tanaka to be her partner.  This was the smartest move she ever made.  Dano brings so much to “Team Pinup”! Not only has our following grown since his addition, but with his expertise the page has become more than just an Instagram page.  We are now a brand “Team Pinup”, with discussion of growing into other venues.!

We’d like to thank everyone for the support you have given.  We look forward to our future endeavors with you!

Angel and Dano

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